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In the UAE, call girls of European appearance with blonde hair are traditionally appreciated. An attractive Dubai anal sex beauty can be ordered within 3000-5000 AED per hour. Such popularity of escort services in Dubai is due to the fact that in the UAE it is not customary for women to show their faces. Therefore, outcall escorts from Norway, Great Britain and Russia, especially blondes, are perceived by locals as exotic.

The services of whores from South and Southeast Asia and China are much cheaper. In Dubai, you may meet hookers who are ready to spread their buttocks and at prices less than 100 EAD per day, but saving on the quality of intimate services is not recommended. High-quality and safe sex may be ordered on premium-class escort agency websites. On such Internet resources, verified photos are of high quality, and the girls meet certain beauty criteria. In their profiles, in addition to height, weight and nationality, specific preferences are indicated, such as anal sex.

Features of anal sex

Men who are bored with classic coitus, of course, will like anal sex, which is quite common in the UAE. The reasons why it attracts representatives of both sexes vary.

It has been clinically established that approximately 50% of women have perineal nerve receptors shifted closer to the anus. This is the reason that the penis, penetrating into the anus of a call girl, is able to give her pleasure, irritating the receptors and stimulating the cervix.

Men like anal sex due to the fact that a woman's anus is narrower than her vagina and, accordingly, the stimulation of the penis glans during rectal penetration is higher.

Specifics of escorting wealthy Arabs and oligarchs from Russia

An Arab client is perceived as the owner of a prostitute. A call girl must obey him and unquestioningly carry out his orders, for example, to serve his guests. She needs to go with someone her client pointed out. And sex should happen there and when the guest wants and how he wants.

In relation to Russian oligarchs, the rules are different. The “chick anal” gets paid for sex. At the same time, the conditions of intimate relations are prescribed in special closed chats, for example the usage of additional devices and anal fist.

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